Everyscience.com Rebuild

Welcome to the new-look everyscience.com. We hope you like it! We have made lots of changes, mainly in response to requests and suggestions from you the readers. The biggest changes are:

  • The glossary items are now linked into every page. The first occurence on the page of any word in the glossary, is put into italics, and if you hover over it the definition appears.
  • The three separate glossaries have been combined into one large glossary of over 500 definitions. The glossary can either be searched using the normal search function, or may be browsed in 26 alphabetical pages.
  • Improved search engine. We hope the new search engine will pick out the most useful pages to your search. It can now also search sections of the site (eg: Inorganic Chemistry), or the entire site, or the glossary.
  • Key points and important ideas have been indented and have the following characteristic appearance.

This is an essential idea. We hope these will help to focus your attention on the most important points.

  • In a similar way,¬†key words¬†within a sentence have the same appearance, but are not indented.
  • We have brand new menu system, which has released ‘screen space’ from the left (where the menu used to be) and hopefully is more ‘functional than flashy’. Furthermore, there is an alternative ‘text only’ menu system, if your browser doesnt support ‘DHTML’ (Internet Explorer 5+ does.)
  • The pages themselves have had a rebuild. We hope the site has a more consistent and standard look, and that information is presented in a more standard fashion.

These are the biggest changes. But more work continues as time goes on. In response to lots of requests, we are developing exercise questions and worked answers for most of the pages. We hope that with the added investment of subscriptions, these and other new services will be developed even faster.