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New 1 million record hit!

At the beginning of March 2003, Everyscience served its millionth page.
Since the sites start in 2001, visitors have come from over 35,000 different sites, making more than 150,000 visits and we have served almost 2.25 million pages and images. The site is linked to from more than 1,000 pages.The sketch to the left shows the pages served per month on average. is Redesigned and Rebuilt (2002)

The huge redesign project began back in July 2002 with every page being re-edited to make it easier to read, improve the image quality and to include enhancements such as key sentences. From October the technical re-build got under way, now offering an improved search engine, ‘pop-up’ glossary items, a new menu and more. Further details about the improvements are available by clicking here.

About the site has been put together by a team of authors and technical staff. We want this site to be a valuable resource to college and university science undergraduates, graduates and researchers, both as a quick reference but also to learn science first off. To find out more about the people and the site, click here.